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Age of Frostfall bot :

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The helper you need for Age of Frostfall

AoFbot! is a Frost & Flame: Age of Frostfall bot ( AoF bot ) that can automate 54 actions in the game!

From gathering resources to training troops, it will make your life easy!

With no functionality limits, you have access to unlimited accounts working in rotation mode or multi-instance mode.

No pain, NoOnly gain!

Age of Frostfall uses the same servers of King of Avalon,
you can use KoAbot! with your AoF accounts!

Features / Actions

  • Collect Alliance Celebration chests
  • Donate in Alliance Donations
  • Collect Alliance Gift chests
  • Help Alliance members
  • Donate to Alliance Portal
  • Purchase at Alliance Store
  • Claim Alliance Territory resources
  • Construct Alliance Territory Towers
  • Attack coordinates
  • Attack & Assist Barbarian Camps rallies
  • Attack Kingdom Threat - Morgana's mighty Golem
  • Attack Monsters
  • Upgrade stronghold building
  • Upgrade resources buildings
  • Count resources ( active and items )
  • Trade with ally
  • Collect Daily & Kingdom Quests
  • Complete Lord's Reign missions
  • Collect Daily Shipment
  • Gather Alliance resources
  • Gather resources in Kingdom
  • Gather resources in My Estate
  • Use Gather Speed Buffs
  • Praise in Hall of Champions
  • Summon Heroes
  • Collect Honor Pass rewards
  • Explore Labyrinth
  • Plunder in Labyrinth
  • Purchase at Labyrinth Shop
  • Explore Magic Spire
  • Purchase at Magic Spire Shop
  • Collect Merlin's Trials rewards
  • Explore Merlin's Trials
  • Purchase at Merlin's Trial Shop
  • Research at the University
  • Activate Talent Dragon's Favor
  • Collect Path of Legend rewards
  • Explore Path of Legend
  • Purchase at Path of Legend Shop
  • Collect and Loot in Royal Arena
  • Use Shields
  • Activate Talent Instant Gather
  • Activate Talent Instant Yield
  • Collect Tribute Gifts
  • Heal troops in Hospital
  • Resurrect troops in Sanctum
  • Train troops
  • Collect and Invest in the Vault
  • Wall repair
  • Collect free offers at War Aid Center
  • Collect at the Wishing Well
  • Mail read and delete
  • Throw at Witch's Cauldron
  • Complete commissions at the Great Hall
Actions in development :
  • Custom Buildings upgrade
  • Use Gift codes from database

Additional features :

  • Unlimited AoF accounts
  • High performance, low PC requirements!
  • Compatible with Nox Player, MEmu Play and LDPlayer emulator
  • 2 accounts rotation modes : Rotate instances or Rotate accounts using SWITCH option in the game ( It is not required to have one emulator instance for each account = less disk space required )
  • Extensive accounts and resources statistics per account and per AoF kingdom
  • AoF game auto install and auto update
  • Works without using the mouse and can work with the screen off
  • Options to choose the desired equipment for each type of action
  • Option to automatically disable all troop related actions during Gold Event - Kingdom Raid ( GEKR )
  • Auto reconnect after network error or server down time for maintenance
  • Auto reconnect after X minutes if account is logged in another device
  • Auto game and/or emulator restart as a way of recovery in case of failures or bugs in the game or emulator
AoFbot! in all devices!

Why AoFbot! ?

  • The next generation bot compared to the older bots!

    Are you tired of bots without intelligence that execute actions in sequence without optimization?

    All AoFbot!'s actions work in harmony to obtain the best possible result. The bot was built with analysis and decision mechanisms in order to choose what action to do next based on your current location in the game, what the bot has done in the past and what you still have to do.

    All actions have independent timers that are controlled by the bot so that it does not waste time trying to do actions that are not yet available.

  • The fastest and most efficient Age of Frostfall bot available!

    Not only does the bot work with a level of resource consumption so low that it becomes insignificant, but AoF bot also manages to be the bot with the best performance.

    Since the optimization of the image and text recognition has been taken care of since the beginning, the final result is far superior to any expectation.

  • Easy and quick to install and setup!

    Stop the need to order actions! Stop the need to define timers/wait X minutes! Stop the need to take a engineer degree to configure the bot!

    With this AoF bot you can get the bot up and running in 5 minutes! Just choose the actions you want to do, or not, do them all, the bot takes care of the rest for you!

    Since the bot is smart enough to automatically manage the order of actions and all timers, although you can customize their options, this is not something you need to do.

    The AoF bot is even smart enough to automatically set the emulator resolution for you! 😎

Need more ?

No problem! Join the Guilded server and let's talk about how I can help you. 😀
AoFbot! UI


Age of Frostfall uses the same servers of King of Avalon,
you can use KoAbot! with your AoF accounts!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.