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GoG bot Service :
GoGbot! Service

by Bots Planet

The helper you need for GoG

GoGbot! Service is a GoG bot Service that can automate 70 tasks in the game without the need of installation.

We will run the bot service for you and all the control is done in the web interface.

No pain, NoOnly gain!

Features / Tasks

  • Collect Alliance Celebration chests
  • Donate in Alliance Donations
  • Collect Alliance Gift chests
  • Donate at Hall of Heroes - Personal Bounty
  • Help Alliance members
  • Load gunpowder at Strategy Center
  • Collect Astrologer free roll
  • Attack coordinates
  • Attack Kingdom Threat - Berserk Behemoth
  • Attack & Assist Red Guard Camps rallies
  • Massive Red Guard Camps Attack with random teleport if necessary (Task)
  • Attack Threats
  • Massive Threats Attack with random teleport if necessary (Task)
  • Attack & Assist Tormentor Foothold rallies
  • Massive Tormentor Foothold Attack with random teleport if necessary (Task)
  • Collect and Invest in the Bank
  • Upgrade buildings
  • Upgrade castle building
  • Upgrade resources buildings
  • Explore Catacombs
  • Plunder in Catacombs
  • Purchase at Catacombs Shop
  • Count resources ( active and items )
  • Spin the Celestial Wheel
  • Collect Daily & Main Quests
  • Collect Daily Shipment
  • Roll and collect rewards at Vampire Hoard and Deep Sea Mystery roulette
  • Collect Doctor's Gifts
  • Complete Estate Affairs missions
  • Claim Furry Friends roulette rewards
  • Gather Blue and Red gems
  • Gather Alliance resources
  • Gather resources in Kingdom
  • Gather resources in My Estate
  • Use Gathering Speed Buffs
  • Gemstones Guard Treasure Hunt
  • Use Gift codes from database
  • Recruit Guards
  • Praise in Hall of Champions
  • Collect Honor Challenge rewards
  • Claim free spins at the Lucky Roulette
  • Mail read and delete
  • Collect rewards from the Mermaid
  • Dive and collect rewards with Mermaids
  • Collect free Munitions Exchange
  • Collect and Loot in Musketeer's Fort
  • Play in Mystic Jackpot
  • Collect Pirate Chest rewards and visit Vampires
  • Collect Pirate Showdown rewards
  • Play and claim rewards at Pirateopoly
  • Research at the Academy
  • Collect Road to Victory (and similar) rewards
  • Collect Royal Expeditions rewards
  • Embark in Royal Expeditions
  • Purchase at Royal Expeditions Shop
  • Play and claim quests rewads
  • Use Shields
  • Explore Spirit Mines
  • Purchase at Spirit Mines Shop
  • Use Talent Instant Gather
  • Use Talent Instant Yield
  • Trade with ally
  • Collect Tribute Gifts
  • Heal troops in Hospital
  • Revive troops in Sanctuary
  • Train troops
  • Donate to Underworld Gates
  • Collect VIP daily rewards
  • Wall repair
  • Collect free offers at War Aid Center

Comparison with the most known GoG bots :

GoGbot! by BotsPlanet
GoGbot! Service
0 Tasks
GoG bot by Gn****
0 Tasks
GoG bot by Jeo****
0 Tasks

Additional features :

  • High performance, no PC required!
  • Options to choose the desired equipment for each type of task
  • Option to automatically disable all troop related tasks during Gold Event - Kingdom Raid ( GEKR )
  • Auto reconnect after network error or server down time for maintenance
  • Auto reconnect after X minutes if account is logged in another device
GoGbot! Service in all devices!

Why GoGbot! Service ?

  • The next generation bot compared to the older bots!

    Are you tired of bots without intelligence that execute clicks in sequence without optimization?

    All GoGbot! Service tasks work in harmony to obtain the best possible result. The bot was built with analysis and decision mechanisms in order to choose what task to do next based on your current location in the game, what the bot has done in the past and what you still have to do.

    All tasks have independent timers that are controlled by the bot so that it does not waste time trying to do tasks that are not yet available.

  • The fastest and most efficient GoG bot available!

    GoG bot service is the bot with the highest performance, even when compared with the standard GoGbot! version.

  • No install required!

    With the GoG bot service you do not need to install any software and thus you can have your accounts up and running in no time!

    How does it work? You will be given a web account that you can access from any device with a web browser (phone, tablet, computer, etc...) where will you be able to add your accounts and then choose the tasks you want to do for each account and the bot will take care of the rest for you!

    Since the bot is not running on your device directly you can just close your browser and let the bot work for you on our servers. 😎

Need more ?

No problem! Join the Guilded server and let's talk about how I can help you. 😀
GoGbot! Service UI

GoG bot Versions comparison

PC version Remote Server version Service/Mobile version
Where does the bot run ? Local
on your PC
Rental computer
Dedicated Server (Windows)
Our servers
How to access the bot ? Local
on your PC
Windows Remote Desktop
from any device
Our website
from any device
Performance Depends on your PC Good Ultra performance
Features / Tasks 61 61 70
Computer required ( Windows ) ? YES NO NO
Computer must be ON to run the bot ? YES NO NO
Download and Installation required ? YES NO NO
Setup required ? YES YES NO
Android Emulator required ? YES YES NO
Unlimited number of accounts ? YES YES NO
Compatible with Windows ? YES YES
( remote desktop )
( website )
Compatible with Mac/iPhone/iPads ? NO YES
( remote desktop )
( website )
Compatible with Linux/Android/Tablet ? NO YES
( remote desktop )
( website )
Base price for 30 days renewal cycle
Renewal cycles are NOT automatic.
19.90 € EUR 89.90 € EUR 9.90 € EUR / 2 accounts
after 10 accounts:
5.94 € EUR / 2 accounts


Versions comparison

PC version

Unlimited number of accounts
Bot runs on your computer (Windows)
Computer must be ON to run the bot
Download and install yourself
Setup & Run yourself

Remote Server version

Unlimited number of accounts
Bot runs on Rental computer Dedicated Server (Windows)
Access bot using Windows Remote Desktop from any device
No computer required
No Downloads or Install required
Setup & Run yourself

Service/Mobile version

Ultra performance
Bot runs on our servers
Access bot using our website from any device
No computer required
No Downloads or Install required
Run yourself ( no setup needed )

1 month Service Version ( 30 days )
each 2 accounts

9.90 €EUR / Month

after 10 accounts, each 2 accounts:

5.94 €EUR / Month

6 months Service Version ( 180 days )
each 2 accounts

9.40 €EUR / Month


56.40 €EUR

after 10 accounts, each 2 accounts:

5.64 €EUR / Month

12 months Service Version ( 365 days )
each 2 accounts

8.25 €EUR / Month


99.00 €EUR

( 2 free months! )

+ 50 eagle eye!

after 10 accounts, each 2 accounts:

4.95 €EUR / Month

Available payment methods :
Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Paypal and Cryptocurrency.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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