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GoG Eagle Eye
- Castle finder for Guns of Glory

by Bots Planet
What is GoG Eagle Eye?

With the Eagle Eye service you can get the coordinates of any player or alliance in the kingdom and you only need to know the name of the castle or alliance.

The Eagle Eye for Guns of Glory works in all kingdoms and will help you locate that pesky players hiding all around the kingdom and the location of alliances.

How does it work?

You only need to know the kingdom number and the castle or alliance name in Guns of Glory, then contact us using one of the available methods bellow to submit that information. The whole process is quick and should only take some minutes.

What do you get?

Currently our GoG Eagle Eye report of players will give you:
• Current X,Y location of the castle
• Castle level
• Overall power
• Alliance name and acronym
• Shield status ( shielded or not shielded )

The GoG Eagle Eye report of alliance will give you:
• Current X,Y location of all buildings

How much does it cost?

• 1 report - 1.50€ EUR
• 10 reports pack - 12.50€ EUR
• 100 reports pack - 100.00€ EUR

Contact support to request service

GoG Eagle Eye service