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Guns of Glory Gift Codes
( September 2023 )

by Bots Planet

Gift codes (also known by Coupon codes or Promo codes) are free codes shared by the Guns of Glory developers in official pages of the game like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, etc.

When you redeem gift codes you can get various kinds of free rewards like Gold, Speedups, and others.

Since this coupon codes are used by GoGbot! the list is frequently updated with new codes submited by the users and all expired codes are removed from the active list if they do not work anymore.

Because this list is used by our bot it's always updated, make sure to bookmark this page and come visit often.

Feel free to contact support to submit new gift codes.

If you are using our Guns of Glory bot : GoGbot! it will use these promo codes automatically.

VALID gift codes

  • AhoyMetey
  • PirateNight
  • OurAchievements2023

EXPIRED gift codes

  • GoGUpdateToday
  • UPGYG22
  • GOGXmasCookieFB
  • UPGDay619
  • NEW618UPG
  • GOGeezy
  • DesignFrameDiscordEvent
  • Blackbeardsjourney
  • UPG615
  • FridayGoG
  • HappyFridayToYou
  • PvPEventS
  • LuckyGoG
  • GoGMay21
  • GOGUPG612
  • HappyMothersDay21
  • Happy1stMay
  • UPG611GOG
  • RGoG21
  • Update610

How to redeem Gift codes in Guns of Glory?

  1. Open your LORD PROFILE ( click on your player avatar at the top-left corner )
  2. Open the Settings page ( click on the gear icon on the bottom-right corner )
  3. Open the Gift Codes page ( click on the big gift icon )
  4. Click on the white text box to open your phone keyboard
  5. Input the gift code, click OK and then REDEEM CODE

Your free rewards will be sent to your mail in the game!