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FAQ / Install - KoAbot!

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  • πŸ€– Installation and setup

    • Download and install the android emulator.

    • Prepare the emulator instances and add your King of Avalon accounts.

    • Download and install KoAbot!.

    • Add your King of Avalon accounts to KoAbot! in the menu "Accounts Quick Menu" or "Accounts".

    • Make sure the settings for each account are as you desire and Press Start!

  • πŸ€– Multiple accounts at the same time

    • Chose the best rotation mode for you and update your preference in "Options > Account rotation mode".

      Note : If you're not sure about what mode to chose read this comparison :

    • Open the emulator multi-instance manager to create and setup the desired emulator instances :

      •  Nox Player ➔ Multi-Drive

      •  MEmu Play ➔ Multi-MEmu

      •  LDPlayer ➔ LDMultiPlayer

      Tip 1 : You can open the instance manager from KoAbot! in the menu "Settings > Open emulator instance manager"

      Tip 2 : You can simplify the setup process by duplicating the default instance after installing KoA or import the instances backup ready to go available in the section .

    • Open KoAbot! "Accounts" menu and for each account in the "Settings" tab you can select the emulator instance where that account is available.

      Multi instances
    • Now you have two options :

      •  Press Start and KoAbot! single instance will work with all the emulator instances configured at the same time


      •  Open KoAbot! multiple times, one for each emulator instance. In each KoAbot! opened manually active only the corresponding accounts or use the option "Active only the accounts for emulator instance < name >" in the menu "Accounts Quick Menu" and Press Start. Now each KoAbot! instance will only run his active accounts in the corresponding emulator instance

      Note : KoAbot! will automatically start the corresponding emulator instance for the active accounts if closed.

  • πŸ€– Features and Actions description

    • Alliance Celebration chests ( Lunar )
      The bot will collect all the chests available in Alliance > Spirit Altar > Alliance Celebration.
    • Alliance Donations
      The bot will give 20 donations in Alliance > Donations to the marked alliance research ( marked with the star ).
    • Alliance Gift chests
      The bot will collect all the chests available in Alliance > Gift Chests > Locker.
    • Alliance Help
      The bot will help all your allies in need at Alliance > Help.
    • Alliance Portal donate
      The bot will donate once to the Alliance Portal every day.
    • Alliance Store
      The bot will purchase all selected items at the alliance store.
    • Alliance Territory Resources
      The bot will claim the alliance territory resources.
    • Alliance Territory Towers Construct
      The bot will help construct the alliance territory towers. The bot will send one troop to help with the construction.
    • Attack
      The bot will attack X times the coordinates set in the settings.
    • Attack Barbarian Camps
      The bot will attack barbarian camps of the selected level in the settings. If no camp is found it will decrease one level and search again. If the rally fails the bot will try again up to 2 times.
      If more than one emulator instance is running at the same time in the same kingdom you have the option to allow the bot to assist the rally with those other instances.
      You also have the option to reply to ALL assistance requests for rallies from other players in the alliance.
      In the settings some of the options are the number of attacks, formation, equipment and the option to call back your dragon to increase attack power.
      When you have multiple instances running from different kingdoms you need to fill the kingdom input in all accounts in "Accounts > Settings"
    • Attack Kingdom Threat - Morgana's mighty Golem
      The bot will only attack the Morgana's mighty Golem when the event is available, for this reason you can leave this option always enabled.
      Attacks will be executed only one at a time unless EQUILIZE formation is selected.
      In the settings some of the options are the formation, equipment and the option to call back your airship to increase attack power.
    • Attack Monsters
      The bot will attack monsters of the selected level in the settings. If no threat is found it will decrease one level and search again. Attacks will be executed only one at a time unless EQUILIZE formation is selected. If the selected level is higher than maximum it will decrease the level until attack is possible.
      In the settings some of the options are the number of attacks, formation, equipment and the option to call back all marches or just your dragon to increase attack power. A good way to ensure you have enough troops in your state is to send your best march with dragon to the alliance resource building, so that it will be safe and quickly accessible to call back when needed.
    • Buildings upgrade stronghold
      The bot will upgrade your stronghold when available. If your stronghold have dependencies to upgrade those dependencies will be upgraded. You can chose to use resources items if necessary in the settings.
    • Buildings upgrade resources
      The bot will upgrade resources buildings.
    • Count resources ( active and items )
      The bot will count all available resources both active and in the items bag. The count will be done once every 2 days.
    • Daily Quests & Kingdom Quests
      The bot will collect all the daily quests points and reward chests until no more reward chests are available for the day. This action will always be executed after all others.
    • Daily Shipment
      The bot will collect the Daily Shipment/Sign In Rewards.
    • Gather resources Alliance
      The bot will claim the resources gathered in your alliance territory and send troops to gather at the resource building available in your alliance. This type of gathering is always executed before the kingdom gathering. In the settings you can select what formation you want to use, this is useful because it adds the option to always send your primary formation with dragon to the alliance resource building. This is important in combination with other actions like the Attack Threads.
    • Gather resources Kingdom
      The bot will send troops to gather in the kingdom. In the settings you can chose what resources to collect.
      By default it will start at the highest value resource ( silver, if selected ) and highest tile level ( 7 ) and send marches until no more tiles of that resource in that level are found, at that point it will switch to the next resource and start over ( this option is great if you primarily want one type of resource ). With the "Prioritize higher level tiles of each selected resource" option activated it will search by tile level first, looping by each resource in every level search ( this option is the best if you want to complete Daily Quests or gather all type of resources equally ).
    • Gather resources My Estate
      The bot will collect the resources available in your resource buildings within your estate.
    • Gather Speed Buffs
      The bot will use the Gathering Speed Buffs available, if there is no buffs available there is a option to use gold to buy and use the 24h option.
    • Hall of Champions ( Lunar )
      The bot will praise at the hall of champions once a day to get the rewards.
    • Heroes Summon
      The bot will summon free normal heroes and summon x10 normal heroes once if available.
    • Honor Pass
      The bot will collect all rewards at the Honor Pass event when available.
    • Labyrinth Explore ( Lunar )
      The bot will explore almost all floors at the labyrinth until no more stamina is available or the creation is defeated.
    • Labyrinth Plunder ( Lunar )
      The bot will plunder all available floors at the labyrinth until no more stamina is available.
    • Labyrinth Shop ( Lunar )
      The bot will purchase all selected items at the labyrinth shop.
    • Magic Spire Explore
      The bot will continue exploring the mine and quick find quarries to mine. It is possible to select the desired formation in the settings.
    • Magic Spire Shop
      The bot will purchase all selected items at the magic spire shop.
    • Mail read and delete
      The bot will read and deleted all mail from the selected folders in the settings.
    • Merlin's Trials Collect ( Lunar )
      The bot will collect all rewards available in the Merlin's Trials.
    • Merlin's Trials Shop ( Lunar )
      The bot will purchase all selected items at the Merlin's Trials Shop.
    • Path of Legend Explore ( Solar )
      The bot will explore the adventures and collect all available chests.
    • Path of Legend Collect ( Solar )
      The bot will collect all rewards available in the Path of Legend.
    • Path of Legend Shop ( Solar )
      The bot will purchase all selected items at the Path of Legend Shop.
    • Research at the University
      The bot will do researches at the Academy.
      You have the option to chose what categories you want to research and if you only want to research level 1 or maximize the level of every research.
    • Royal Arena
      The bot will collect the daily chest and periodically claim the resources and loot opponents. It is possible to switch equipment to loot opponents.
    • Shield
      The bot will try to use the shield option selected in the settings. If that shield is not available it will use gold to buy one or try to use smaller shield if not enough gold is available.
      If a shield is already active the new one will be used only if the remaining time is equal or less than the specified in the "ReShield earlier" option in the settings.
      Important : The execution order of the accounts and actions is prioritized based on the need of using a shield. The bot evaluates the state of scheduled shields between each action and will change account if necessary to activate them. The "ReShield earlier" value must be enough to include the cycle of all active account per instance to guarantee the shielding before expiration.

      You have the option to use shields only during the Gold Event - Kingdom Raid ( GEKR ). When the selected shield is longer than the remaining time for the event to end, the bot will select a smaller shield when possible, thus avoiding the use of larger shields unnecessarily.

      When this action is active and it is expected to use shields a status icon will appear in the statistics tab next to the name informing the status of the shield in that account:
      Shield Gray Gray ➔ Unknown ( this is the default initial status )
      Shield Green Green ➔ Active
      Shield Yellow Yellow ➔ Active but within the time set in the "ReShield earlier" setting
      Shield Red Red ➔ Shield not active
      The shield status and time remain is updated with a maximum interval of 15min.
    • Talents - Instant Gather
      The bot will use the instant gather talent when available after sending all available marches to gather in the kingdom.
    • Talents - Instant Yield
      The bot will use the instant yield talent when available.
    • Trade with ally
      The bot will send resources to the specified coordinates. In the settings you can choose how many march you want to send and what type of resource in each one.
    • Tribute Gifts
      The bot will periodically collect the Gifts that appear in the tribute building.
    • Troops Heal
      The bot will heal troops if available both in your hospital or in the alliance hospital.
    • Troops Sanctum revive
      The bot will revive troops at the sanctuary if available.
    • Troops Train
      The bot will assemble and train troops of the selected buildings ( Barracks, Stables, Range and Siege Workshop ).
      The bot will read the training time to know when it can train troops again.
      You can train specific amount individually, use resources if necessary and upgrade lower tier troops.
    • Vault ( Lunar )
      The bot will collect and/or deposit gold in the Vault. When deposit is available the selected scheme will always be the shortest available.
    • Wall repair
      The bot will repair the wall if necessary.
    • War Aid Center - Gifts and free offers
      The bot will collect the gifts and free offers available in War Aid Center.
    • Wishing Well
      The bot will exchange all available free wishes at the Wishing Well.
    • Witch's Cauldron ( Solar )
      The bot will throw the selected ingredients at Witch's Cauldron.

    • Unlimited accounts
      There is no limit in the number of accounts you can add on the bot. In fact, there is not limits on the bot, all the features are available without limitations.
    • Compatible with diferent emulator options
      The bot is compatible with Nox, MEmu and LDPlayer emulator.
      There is no perfect emulator, you can try any one of the compatible ones and if you detect any problems you can try another one.
      You can also read this article with a comparison of emulators Nox vs MEmu vs BlueStacks - Performance comparison.
    • Two accounts rotation modes

      The bot can handle two different rotation modes to change between your game accounts.
      This option can be found at "Options > Account rotation mode".

      - "Rotate emulator instances" : each emulator instance can have only one game account.
      In this mode the bot will start X instances ( number of instances at the same time is defined by you in the bot ) of the accounts it has to work on and each time a cycle is complete it will close that instance and start another from the queue.

      • No google account bind required since there is only one account per instance ( you can use Kings Group, Facebook, Twitter or Google )
      • Does not require the use of OCR to recognize the account name nor the google email
      • Since all accounts are treated without grouping this is the best method to ensure that all accounts are treated equally in terms of handling frequency
      • Google apps can be removed to reduce cpu usage of the instances and thus significantly increased performance
      • Can require high disk space for emulator instances ( only 1 account per instance, each instance can occupy 6~10 Gb, in average )
      • Requires to stop/start a new instance to rotate to the next account, this will take some extra time

      - "Rotate accounts using SWITCH option in the game" : multiple game accounts can be added in the same emulator instance.
      In this mode the bot will start all selected emulator instances at the same time and then it will switch between the accounts within each emulator.

      • Minimal disk space required ( 1 instance can have multiple accounts )
      • Does not require to stop/start a instances to rotate to the next account, the instances are always running
      • Possibility to customize the group of accounts in each instance, thus being able to increase or decrease the number of accounts in each group to increase or decrease the frequency with which they are handled
      • Each account must be bind to a google account to allow the account switch without password
      • Requires the use of OCR to recognize the account name to identify the current account and google email to switch accounts, this will take some extra time
      Rotation modes
    • Statistics

      The bot will record the count of completed objectives in each action, the execution time and much more thus allowing an analysis of the bot's performance.
      The statistics overview will also show :

      - The total and average execution time of each instance cycle ( cycle throw all accounts ) in "Instances statistics"

      - The total and average execution time of each action in "Accounts statistics"

      - The resources per account and per kingdom in "Accounts Resources" and "kingdom Resources", including increase percentage from previous counts.

      The statistics of the run ( timers and resources count ) are always saved and will be reloaded if the bot is closed, this is useful because it allows to close the bot without losing the "Wait until" timers thus the bot will not need to run again all actions if they are not available yet.
    • Game auto install and auto update
      The bot will install and update the game automatically.
    • No mouse and no screen required
      The bot works communicating directly with the emulator thus not requiring the mouse nor the screen to be on.
    • Auto use Raid Stage Mode in Gold Event - Kingdom Raid ( KvK )
      With this option enabled the bot will automatically disable all troop related actions during this event. This mode is useful for strongholds without shield who have their troops reinforcing.
    • Auto reconnect
      If the account is disconnected because of network error or server down time for maintenance the bot will reconnect again to continue working on your account.
    • Auto reconnect if account is logged in another device
      If the account is disconnected because it was logged in another device the bot will wait ( 15min by default ) and reconnect again to continue working on your account.
    • Auto recovery
      In case of failures or bugs in the game the bot will always recover to a know state. Recovery strategies include restart the game and the emulator itself as last resource.
  • ⭐ Tips to optimize the bot and emulator

    • Optimize emulator

      The emulator will always work slower than the bot, for that reason the faster the emulator the faster the bot will become.

      - The easiest way to increase the emulator speed is to lower the settings.
      If you do not want to do it yourself you can just download the instance from the section step 2, this instances already have the best settings and are ready to go with the game already installed and ready to switch account ( avoiding the initial story just to switch account ).
      If you want to do it manually the more important steps are to use "Android 5", Graphics rendering mode "OpenGL", disable microphone and audio driver if possible, lower the frame rate to "10 FPS" and disable "ASTC texture" if possible.

      - Change your graphic settings to Performance mode.
      For Nvidia users, open the "NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings" and change settings like "Power management mode" and "Texture filtering - Quality" to the best performance option available.

      - If you still need more performance you may disable or exclude emulator and bot paths from your anti-virus.

    • Optimize bot

      Some actions have tips to optimize the execution speed and knowing about the bot features will help you understand how to work with the bot, be sure to read the .

    • Optimize bot account rotation: Rotate instances mode

      Using rotation mode " " it's possible to remove Google apps to reduce cpu usage of the instances and thus significantly increased performance. This options is fount at "Tools > Disable google apps".

    • Optimize bot account rotation: Rotate accounts using SWITCH option mode
      Using rotation mode " ", when configuring multiple accounts for each instance it is important to balance the accounts in each instance in order to minimize as much as possible the average cycle duration of each instance.

      For example, if you have a configuration of 4 accounts divided by 2 instances, the best way to choose which instance to put each account in is to separate the 2 accounts that take the longest to complete the cycle (this will depend on the actions you select for each account ) and put them in different instances. Finally add the remaining 2 faster accounts, one in each instance. Thus, the average cycle duration of each instance will be shorter.

      A simple way to find out the average duration of each account is analyzing the statistics, however for these statistics to be as real as possible it is advisable to let the bot work continuously for at least 48 hours in order to generate more accurate averages. After collecting this information you only need to reorganize the accounts.
  • ❔ How does the bot work ?

    How the bot control the game?

    The bot is an automated software that runs on Windows only. The bot does not control the game directly, it interacts with an android emulators (Nox, MEmu or LDPlayer), where the game is installed, to get game prinstscreens so it can decide what to do next and then send requests to the emulator to simulate clicks on the desired coordinates. This way it is impossible to know if the clicks are being generated by a human or by the bot.

    How the bot accounts and actions order is decided?

    The order in which the accounts and actions are executed is not fixed, it is dynamic and the order in which the accounts and actions are executed is decided only by the bot on a case-by-case basis depending on the various programmed factors.

    The bot uses a system called "pool" for both accounts and actions. This system can be compared to a bag where all the active actions of that account are placed at the beginning of the cycle of an account, then whenever the bot wants to perform a new action it will evaluate all the actions that are inside the bag and decide, in agreement with the defined rules, what should be the next action to be taken out of the bag to be executed. An example of a rule is the fact that the account shield needs to be renewed and therefore this action will be performed next.

    The order in which accounts are executed works in the same way as actions. An example of a rule for the decision of the next account to be executed is the fact that the shield needs to be renewed, in which case the account that is closest to the end of the shield will be selected.

    How the bot actions timers work?

    All actions work with real date/time fixed "timers" (also known as "Wait until" ) used to prevent actions from running sooner than needed.

    Since all these timers are real fixed date/time and not countdown timers, even if the bot is not running, the timers will still expire.

    For example, when troop training starts, the bot will set the Troops Train action timer to "Current date/time + train duration", which means actions will not be performed again before this specified date/time.

    Likewise, to avoid running all actions right after reset and spreading them throughout the day, after completing daily actions, the timer is normally set to "Server reset DateTime + X hours", resulting in some actions being performed just a few hours after reset and not as soon as possible.

    If any action fails during execution, depending on the reason, that action will be added back to the actions pool to be executed again or a short timer will be set for it to be executed again in a later cycle.

    All the timers are visible in the Active accounts tab.

  • ❔ How many accounts can the bot run ?

    There is no limit in the number of accounts you can add on the bot, you can add how many accounts you want from all the kingdoms you want. In fact, there is not limits on the bot, all the features are available without limitations.

  • ❔ Does the bot require game login credentials ?


    The game login credentials are private and personal, that's why the bot requires the emulator to be ready with all the accounts already available.

    The only information the bot uses to work at full is the game nickname and e-mail, you can read more about why this is important in the questions below.

  • ❔ Why the bot asks for my account nickname ?

    The game account nickname is used only for automatic account recognition using OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) at the beginning of each cycle.

    This information is required because some times emulators crash or the game fails to switch account, the need to make sure the bot is working on the correct account is essential to maintain the bot accuracy and performance.

  • ❔ Why the bot asks for my account e-mail ?

    The game account e-mail is used only for automatic account recognition using OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) when multiple accounts rotation in same emulator instance is used.

    If you don't feel safe to enter your e-mail and just want to try the bot or you don't want to use this feature you can fill the input with a fake gmail like "".

  • Emulators - Common problems

    • Android errors and Emulator frequent restarts

      Some times android emulators may start to give frequent android errors or stop responding to the bot too many times ( in both cases the bot will be forced to restart the emulator instance if it cant regain control ), you can try the following steps to fix those problems:

      • Restart your computer
      • Make sure there is enough space available on the disk where the emulator is installed ( At least 30Gb )
      • Use Android 5 ( Optional but highly recommended ) ( Read step 2 for more information )
      • Execute the "Tools > Verify accounts" option available on the bot
      • Execute the "Tools > Clear emulator instance cache" option available on the bot
      • Execute instance cache clear option normally available in the emulator multi-instance manager
      • Reinstall the emulator ( do NOT uninstall first or all your instances may be deleted )
      • Check you CPU and RAM usage while the bot is running ( if one or both of your resources are always at or near 100% usage it may cause frequent problems )

    If your problem is not listed here or you need help contact the support.

  • Emulators - MEmu - Common problems

    • Keyboard

      The virtual keyboard installed by default in the MEmu emulator has some behavior problem when sending text inputs to the emulator, this situation will cause problem in actions like "Gift codes" because it will prevent the insertion of the code correctly.

      To solve this problem you must install another keyboard, such as No Keyboard ( from Vishnu N K ).

      1 - Install "No Keyboard" in the emulator directly from Google Play Store
      2 - Open it
      3 - Activate it following the first 2 steps
      4 - Scroll down and press the HIDE KEYBOARD button at the bottom.

      MEMU keyboard bug

    If your problem is not listed here or you need help contact the support.

  • Windows protected your pc ?

    By default Windows Defender SmartScreen will probably show a warning when installing or running unsigned executables. The only way to definitely avoid this warning from Windows is to purchase a certificate and sign the software. For that reason this specific warning only serves to inform you that the application has no Code Signing Certificate thus the publisher can't be verified, that's why as long you only download this tool from there will be no risk of downloading a non official or potentially dangerous modified version.

    Fell free to scan the setup or zip version with VirusTotal (Online free virus scan) or your own anti-virus or even run it on a sandbox, the only requirement to work is internet for license verification.

    To ignore this warning and continue installation/execution you can click on "More info > Run anyway".

    Windows Protected Your PC

    To read more about this:

  • Pc minimum requirements

    The minimum requirements of your computer are always related to the chosen emulator. If your computer can run the emulator it will be able to run the bot without any problems.

    In our test cases the bot perform with a CPU usage lower than 5% and average RAM usage of 150 MB - High performance with low resources usage!
    *Memory usage will increase depending on the amount of instances running.

  • Privacy

    The bot does not collect any account information or usage information and the logs (visible in the Logs tab) are only saved locally on your machine.

    There are only two exceptions, the first is when you use one of the support options available in the Help menu, in which case the current log and/or the emulators printscreens will be sent depending on the option selected. The second exception is in case of new beta actions that may contain alerts that are triggered in case of an error during its execution, these alerts are temporary.

    In both situations, this communication of information never contains passwords nor is it shared with third parties, the sole purpose of which is to debug and/or improve the bot's performance, being immediately deleted after its analysis.